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To provide support to those who care for animals so they can continue their important work while managing life and work-related stressors


I would like to welcome you to my new website, that focuses on the important relationship we have with animals and how we can benefit from having them in our lives. This website will be the home of my podcast “Animal Academy Podcast” where guests share resources, tips and knowledge about topics ranging from pet loss, compassion fatigue among animal caregivers, how to deal with pet behavior issues, veterinary concerns and more!

I welcome your stories about how your pets have enriched your life and lessons they have taught you. We can all learn from the animals.


Are you a caregiver to others, whether it be a loved one, as part of your job or do you take care of animals? Do you often feel tired with low energy and just seem to be burned out? Have you lost the desire to continue with your work or feel numb as a result of taking care of another living being? If so, you may be experiencing Compassion Fatigue or what has also been referred to as caregiver’s fatigue.

Animals provide unconditional love, greet us with a wagging tail, and enjoy just being with us. Unfortunately, having animals as part of our lives, whether as part of our family or if you work in an animal-related job, giving our hearts to animals also means we may suffer to a greater extent when something happens to them.

The human-animal connection is a powerful bond. The connections that we share with animals help us to live more fulfilling, healthier lives. Animal-Assisted Interventions is a broad term used to define the many ways animals can assist us.

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