I’ve always been a pet lover. I remember when I was 7, my great-uncle Benji said to my parents, “Allison
My phone rang one early morning; the caller was very anxious: “He may have to go back!” Elizabeth was tired,
As we walked around another adoption event with all the sad eyes peering through the cages, all seeming to be
Here is a video done after temperament testing a litter of 7 week old Golden Retriever puppies. The cicadas provided
Have you ever wanted a goal so badly that you’re driven out of  your comfort zone to achieve it? Have
This week I faced the fear that many pet lovers experience…the realization that my beloved pet was getting older. I
Are you having trouble regaining interest in everyday life after losing a pet? Is taking care of pets who have
Life’s simplest moments are experienced watching kids play. When young, we played outside until bedtime, with few cares in the
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