Veterinary Social Work

Veterinary Social Work Oath

“Specializing in veterinary social work, I pledge my service to society by tending to the human needs that arise in the relationship between humans and animals. From a strengths perspective and using evidence-based practice, I will uphold the ethical code of my profession, respect and promote the dignity and worth of all species, and diligently strive to maintain mindful balance in all of my professional endeavors.”

Veterinary Social Work

Veterinary Social Work is a growing field that uses an interdisciplinary approach and support between Veterinary Social Workers and veterinary professionals. It includes four main areas including:

  1. Animal-assisted therapy and interventions.

  2. The link between human and animal violence, which identifies resources needed to help domestic violence victims with resources so they can leave an unsafe environment, child and elderly abuse and neglect.

  3. Animal related grief and bereavement.

  4. Compassion Fatigue and conflict management. Veterinary professionals and other animal caregivers may experience compassion fatigue as a result of caring for animals while not always practicing self-care. They may also benefit from developing conflict resolution skills since they not only take care of animals but also have to communicate with the owner of the animals.




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