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We don’t always think about where the food we eat comes from, or the work that happens behind the scenes with raising animals and tending to the crops. Those are hard jobs for farmers, and so is being accountable to the consumers. When choosing the food we buy, we are faced with so many decisions, and many of the labels can be confusing and difficult to understand.

Today, I am happy to welcome Anne Malleau as my guest for the podcast. Anne is the Executive Director for Global Animal Partnerships, the leading farm animal welfare standards and labeling organization in North America. She is an animal scientist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, a Master of Science in Poultry Behaviour and Welfare, and an MBA in Agribusiness. Be sure to listen in today to learn about animal welfare, sustainability, and the science behind the decisions made when raising animals for food.

Anne Malleau, MSc

Anne Malleau is the Executive Director for Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), the leading farm animal welfare standards and labeling organization in North America. In addition to G.A.P.’s commitment to continuous improvement in improving the lives of farm animals, G.A.P. has pioneered ‘farm to fork’ support for their partners – designed to provide additional business support and opportunities for partners where possible.

Established in 2008, G.A.P. impacts the welfare of over 416MM animals annually through third-party certification of more than 3,900 farms across 11 countries, with labeled products in over 5,000 outlets. G.A.P. believes that meaningful label claims, validated by third-party audits on every farm, are key to influencing the industry, raising consumer expectations, and creating long-lasting change for animals.

Anne is also an Executive Leader of Meat & Poultry – Live Production at Whole Foods Market – the leading grocer of natural and organic food in the US – where she provides farm animal production compliance support to the meat teams.

Anne is an animal scientist with a BSc in agriculture, an MSc in poultry behavior and welfare, and an MBA in agribusiness. She has studied and worked in animal agriculture for more than 20 years.

Anne currently lives and works from her farm outside of Toronto, Canada traveling often. She has two young children and enjoys crafting, cooking, gardening, and helping her husband renovate their home.

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