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One of THE most important people in your pet’s life is their veterinarian. Establishing a positive and ongoing relationship with a veterinarian is so important. Just as we should follow up with our own health care, our animals require the same kind of care and monitoring. Besides taking care of my pets over the years, my dog’s veterinarians have helped me identify potential issues, provided treatment when my pets were ill, had to step in for emergency care and also provided support when faced with difficult decisions. I’m excited to have Dr. Wayne Boillat on this episode since he has provided excellent care to my pets for many, many years.

Wayne Boillat,  DVM: 

Dr. Boillat graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri Columbia in 1990.  He is currently the Managing Veterinarian at the Veterinary Group of Chesterfield.  He is in his sixth year as a Board Member of DUO.  His professional likes include surgery, reproduction and sport medicine.  Non professional interests include playing in a band, playing with and training his three goldens and any outdoor activities

Welcome everyone to another episode of the Animal Academy Podcast. The focus of this podcast has been on the many ways that animals make our lives whole and how they add many benefits to our quality of life. But, what if our beloved pet has challenges and we find ourselves faced with difficult choices and decisions regarding their care, which may also impact our own quality of life.

I’m excited to have a discussion with Kristin Buller, licensed clinical social worker with certification in Veterinary Social Work and Dr. Kelly Balantyne, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, who will discuss their research project called “Living With and Loving A Pet With Behavioral Problems: Pet Owners’ Experiences.”

Kristin Buller, LCSW : 

Kristin Buller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Certificate in Veterinary Social Work. Her interests in veterinary social work focus on supporting owners of pets with behavior problems, pet loss, and compassion fatigue support for veterinary and animal welfare professionals.

Kelly C. Ballantyne, DVM:

Dr. Kelly Ballantyne is a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and the leader of Insight Animal Behavior Services in Chicago. Dr. Ballantyne’s research interests include human-animal interactions, care-giver burden, and psychopharmacology. She has authored several peer-reviewed articles on animal behavior and is a contributing author of ACVB’s book, Decoding Your Cat.

One of the most devastating moments I’ve ever experienced is recognizing my pet wasn’t feeling well or something just didn’t seem right. It could be turning up their nose at food, not having as much energy or not playing like they had before. It’s always been a very scary moment, especially when hearing the diagnosis of cancer. In this episode I’ll be speaking to Dr. Kim Selting, associate professor at the University of Illinois, who will discuss cancer treatments available, research and clinical trials.

Kim Selting, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology), DACVR (Radiation Oncology): 

A native of Colorado, Dr. Kim Selting completed her undergraduate and veterinary studies at Colorado State University (CSU).  Following a one year rotating small animal internship in medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, she spent 4 years in private practice in St. Louis, MO.  She then returned to the CSU Animal Cancer Center for a residency to become board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in the specialty of medical Oncology.  Dr. Selting then joined the faculty at the University of Missouri from 2002-2017.  In 2013, she completed a non-conforming residency in Radiation Oncology and achieved board certification by the American College of Veterinary Radiology.  In July 2017, Dr. Selting accepted a position as Associate Professor at the University of Illinois to develop a radiation therapy program.  Current research interests include biomarkers of cancer and of chemotherapy toxicity, novel anticancer drugs, and effects of radiation on the tumor microenvironment.  Dr. Selting is the immediate Past President of the Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS), the past President of the Veterinary Cooperative Oncology Group and past member-at-large for VCS, and past Chair of the ACVIM Oncology Certifying Examination Committee.

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